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briannafrost GUESS WHAT!? Next week when I get back, there will be naughty video updates ☺️🙌🤘😘 yay!
briannafrost Ok loves, I feel bad b/c everyone is so sweet & awesome☺️so I'll open 2 more spots for my # 👍pls email bfh5008@gmai…
briannafrost Hey! ☺️👋 i filled up all my spots for my cell but have been getting emails inquiring to allow a couple more gentlemen to be added.Thoughts?
briannafrost I fucked my back up so I'll be in bed all day/night icing my back and checking/responding to ALL emails so please reach out to me☺️❤️👋
briannafrost 🌟I REALLY want to know your personal thoughts/opinions on me shutting my site down & focusing on body building & counseling. Bfh5008@gmail
briannafrost I have another competition this weekend so I'll be out of town thur-mon so don't forget to txt me!☺️ pics from my s…
briannafrost Brookfield zoo yesterday, so much fun! And yes, if you didn't know I am small as hell; only 5'2 🤘😂🤘
briannafrost Happy Saturday ☺️👋 if you have my # text me for a sexy video I did this morning at the gym 😳💪🤘☺️ have a great weeke…
briannafrost @Justsexychicks Thank you ❤️

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